Mrs. Jyothi Rakesh Gottipati


Pyaar Foundation

I would like to thank the entire team who have taken an opportunity to serve the Animals and  I fully support the Pyaar Rehabilitation Centre 
Here are my few thoughts:
Pets are our best friends, All Animals deserve respect.When you own a pet , it not only deserve your respect, but also it relies on your care .

Animals are the most amazing creations on earth.
The beauty about them is they will always be your side and they even will never judged you even if you scold them or beat them , they accept you as you are .
In times of despair they defend us with their honour and pride they protect you as the bodyguard does 
They listen to you , they trust you , even they make the perfect playmates 
Being born as an animal is not a curse , they are the most beautiful and amazing creations on earth and they deserve the love and care as we human care for our loved ones .
So don’t abandon or give harm to them .
I am very proud to be a part of this organization , I thank each one of them 
The team is trustworthy and an inspiration , always willing to come forward and try to help 
and always believe  “HOPE FOR A CURE “

Mrs.Jyothi Rakesh Gotiipati