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Mr. Devendra O. Rapelli

( Pursuing PhD Electronics Engg.) Founder and President

Petanity And Animal Rehabilitators Foundation Chandrapur, Maharashtra



I have coined the word PETANITY as to dedicate this word to love, care, affection, coziness and humanity to shower on Animals, the one who cannot speak and fight for themselves, their rights and life.

Hence we started to speak for them, with the growing accidents suffering and cruelty on animals. We have started our NGO to save at-least some of the animals. But to our surprise we everyday get so many calls to secure the poor souls.

But restricted to our resources we are limited to have only the needy and toughest life survivors to have at our temporary shelter.

We work for Gaurakshak, saving the cows from going to slaughter house

In no time we had 50+ dogs and 4 cows. Out of which we have cured and released 43 dogs and rest are with us.

We will be striving our best to save almost as many as lives as possible. The concept of petanity and animal rehabilitators is thus to save animals and hence forth i have coined the word 'Petanity' i.e.. to save Pets through humanity.

I am thankful to my Parents, my Patrons and entire team of PYAAR Foundation. They put their entire efforts love and dedication to save animals. Let it b day, night, heavy rain, extreme cold or hot summer my team get on the action to help animals at any condition.

I also thank our donors without whom we are incompatible to do our rescue and rehabilitation work.

We are looking forward to have more and more people donors and members to join our mission and save Petanity.

Jai Hind.

Devendra Rapelli